MT Race Director Resources

Hello, race directors.  At, our goal is to provide multiple tools for you, the race director, to highlight and promote your event through our site.  By offering this service, we believe race organizers can find yet another way to share information about their event, while race participants can find more information about Montana events in an accessible manner.  Let us help you promote your event (at no cost!) through our site.

Ways to promote your event through

Setup Online Registration for your event:

Online Registration is a great way to bring participants to your event. Access Race Director services for running events of all sizes and scopes. Whether you need simple, guided creation of a website and registrations or access to abundant, customizable race management features, we have a solution for you. Click Here For Online Registration.

Post races and events to our 406running calendar:

By submitting your race details to, you have created another avenue for folks to find your race, plus we can even link back to your event’s website. It’s easy to add a listing for your event, just fill out a race listing form.

Share your race results:

We are also working toward having a comprehensive list of results from as many races in Montana as possible.  No site yet has committed to compiling this data in an easy to search and organized format.

Link to your results: Again, if you already have a website where you post results, you will have the option to link to that site when submitting your results. This is just another avenue for folks to find your site.

Or, let us post your results for you: Also, if you do not already have a website for your event, makes it convenient for you to upload your results in a PDF format so that your race participants can easily find their race results online. ‘

All you need to do is answer a couple questions on a race results form.

Submit photos from your event: includes a photo gallery where you may upload photos from your events to be shared with the public. If you have a site, we can link to your album. If you do not have a site to share photos from your event, race participants, as well as their friends and family can see them on! Email with your photos attached to submit photos from your race. If you already have a gallery set up, email us a link and we’ll post it.

Write a race preview:

Highlight your upcoming race with a quick article about your event, what it offers, what charity it benefits (if any), and your general excitement for the event.  Who knows, you may talk a few more folks to sign up last minute.

Write a race report:

Write a race report mentioning the number of participants you had, the weather for the day. General news from the event. We’ll post it and the folks who ran your race can relive the moment while the folks who didn’t run your race can see what they missed out on!

Here’s an example of a race report. It’s quick and easy to write.

If you would like to submit a race report, race preview, or article for to highlight your upcoming race or event, please email with the text of the article in the body of the email and an attachment of a photo from the event, if you have held it before, so that we may have a photo thumbnail next to the article.

Thanks again, race directors.  If there is any service you would like to see as part of, please feel free to contact us!