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Lactate Threshold

Tempo Train to a Personal Record!

You may be a veteran runner or you may be a novice. Regardless of your background, you may have heard of tempo runs or threshold training. Tempo runs are a common and straightforward training tool that all runners should incorporate into their training plans! What is the purpose of a tempo run? Tempo runs are […]


Jog With Your Dog

The Perfect Training Partner So… you need a running partner. Friends don’t have the same work schedule as you, can’t run as far or as fast you, or aren’t even living in the same city as you. You are tired of running countless miles by yourself and want to know that someone is having as […]


Beat the Heat

Last week much of Montana had cooler, rainy weather with highs in the mid-60’s. As we turned the corner into July, the temperatures soared into the 90’s. If you went on a run this week, you probably struggled to maintain your normal pace.  Most likely you aren’t acclimatized to the heat yet – unless of […]


2014 Results for Run Into Summer

The Run Into Summer was held on June 1, 2014 in Kalispell, MT


2014 Results for the Missoula Mile

The Missoula Mile was held in Missoula, MT on June 1, 2014