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The Best Online Event Registration System!

We are excited to share with you our new race management and online registration platform that could make managing your online registration and event much easier!

As race timers, we have seen and dealt with numerous event management systems such as Active, SignMeUp, ImAthlete, RaceIt, etc. but none come close in the ease of use, ability to be customized, cost (yes, 406running.com/registration is free – less processing fees, see below), ability to promote your event, and much more! Not only is it great for race directors but also easy to use for the participant.

Participants are able to sign up for free text message/email notifications with result information, print off finisher certificates, and sign up securely on race day using credit/debit cards using the race day kiosk mode. Race day kiosk mode is one of our favorite features which eliminates paper registration and enables registration to happen quickly and efficiently through laptops/tablets.

As race timers we also like the fact that the platform is seamlessly linked to our timing software ensuring automatic data entry, quicker results, and accurate timing.

We have outlined all of our favorite aspects of the new platform below. Please consider signing up for an account and checking out 406running.com/registration. Let us know if you have any questions!

Here is a video outlining the features of our platform: Video of Features
Here is a written list of all the features we love about 406running.com/registration:

  • Free Race Webpage
    • 406running automatically provides a free website to all races. Your webpage will have a search engine friendly URL that can be renewed each year. Already have your own site? Our registration widget can be embedded in your existing site. Your race page will not SPAM your registrants and contain no advertisements.
  • Donations & Fundraising
    • Choose your fundraising platform, accept simple donations, and access Fundraising Pages for Individual and Team Fundraisers. We provide the flexibility for multiple or singular charities, and the tools to help meet your Fundraising goals.
  • Reporting
    • Download CSV files of your participant information, manipulate participant reports online, and access summary and detailed financial reports. We’ll even supply graphical reports to help you visualize your race details.
  • Race Promotion
    • Encourage runners to interact with your race on Facebook, create and manage Coupons, and utilize email marketing options. Got all that? Think outside the box and create teams to inspire your runners to promote for you.
  • Participant Management
    • 406running minimizes the workload for you, the Race Director, with self-service options for waitlist integration, refunds, event transfers, and bib exchanges.
  • Large Races
    • 406running has technology solutions to allow large races to operate smoothly. We have site scalability to handle 50,000 registrations in 7 minutes, and services to manage participant transfers, refunds, and waitlists.
  • Triathlon Services
    • We serve more than just runners. 406running is integrated with USAT for easy validation of USAT insurance, and purchase options for your athletes. Additionally, we help your competitors build teams and ensure that splits for each can be uploaded in results.
  • Corporate Teams 
    • Choose to handle Corporate Team creation and management yourself, or allow team captains to do the work for you. Either way, you and your team captains will have access to invoices and payments, and athletes will have a streamlined process for joining.
  • Volunteer System 
    • Organize your volunteers and volunteer tasks within the RunSignUp system. The Volunteer System is built to accommodate races of all sizes, from 50 runners to 20,000+, and is free to use.
  • Customizable Pricing 
    • We can help you with variable pricing options whether you offer multiple registration periods, age-based pricing, coupons, free or discounted registration, or additional fees for specific items.
  • Secure Payment Processing 
    • Our entire website is TSL/SSL encoded for security, and we use an advanced, secured, token-based API for credit card processing. 406running passes credit card numbers directly to the credit card processor, and does not store any numbers.
  • Multi-City Pricing 
    • Access all races in a series under a single login and consolidate financial and participant reporting. Target your email marketing to be directed at specific race participants, or direct it to participants of all races in the series.
  • Online Store 
    • Set up a simple online store to allow members to purchase race gear and accessories. Offer items year-round from your race store page, and drive your sales by highlighting items during registration.
  • No contracts forcing you to use this platform!
  • Processing fees
    • You can choose between absorbing the fee, splitting it with the registrant or letting the registrant pay the whole fee.
      • Checkout Total:  $0                  Fee:  Free
      • Checkout Total:  $10 & less     Fee:  $2
      • Checkout Total:  Above $10     Fee:  $2.50
      • Checkout Total:  Above $30     Fee:  $3
      • Checkout Total:  Above $50     Fee:  6%
      • Checkout Total:  Above $250   Fee:  5%
      • Checkout Total:  Above $1000 Fee:  4%