406 Running Club Spotlight – Butte’s Piss and Moan Runners


Hello 406 readers. As promised in our previous post about Bozeman’s newest running club, Run  Bozeman, we will be highlighting various Running Clubs in the state through posts this Spring.  In this second edition of our 406 Running Club Spotlight Series we catch up with Nicole Hunt of Butte’s piss and Moan Running club.  She was helped with some of her answers by Ray hunt and Amber Wood Jensen.

406Running.com: Can you state the name of your club?

Nicole Hunt: Butte’s Piss and Moan Runners

406Running.com: Great name! How long has the club been in existence?

Nicole Hunt:  Here is what I know about the origin of Butte’s Piss & Moan Runners:

The Butte running club was known only as the Highland Ridge Runners for its few years of existence prior to 1994. In 1994, Bruce “Red Dog” Robinson, the late John “Wulfman” Wulf and some of the other founding members of the club started meeting for morning coffee at Perkins Family Restaurant. That group came across the phrase Pissing & Moaning from a saying on a t-shirt that they stole from a female acquaintance from Helena. They formed an immediate liking to the phrase, because they felt a connection to it. A couple years later, Red Dog created his now legendary “Whiner’s Award” and he presented it to Wulfman “for the most professional (cry baby) pissin’ & moaning about nothing.” The award added more energy to the interest in changing the running club’s name, but nothing changed until 2003 when the club was approached about taking over management of the Frigid Digger Run. A bank account was required for that, and Red Dog opened one and he named it “The P&M Runners.” …abbreviated because the bank would not allow what they considered to be the vulger words “Piss & Moan” in the account name. That name change was not widely known among club members until late 2005, when I called a club meeting to begin organizing plans for the 2006 MT Cup XC meet that was hosted by Butte. The first item on my meeting agenda was to consider revising the club’s name from Highland Ridge Runners to something more inviting to the a wide spectrum of runners. Little did I know what a contentious issue I had raised. Many in attendance at that meeting did not know that Butte previously had an organized running club and so they did not care about the proposed change, but there were two other distinct groups present who drew a battle line over the name change. Red Dog’s group insisted that the name had already been (and must remain) changed to the Piss & Moan Runners. The opposing group was surprised and upset that the name had been changed without them being consulted, and they felt that the name Piss & Moaners projected a negative image that would ultimately hurt the club. A heated debate ensued, and in the end, Red Dog’s will prevailed but with a stipulation — the name was altered to “Butte’s Piss & Moan Runners” in an attempt to make name tell more about the club to someone from outside the area.

406Running: Nice story! What type of runner is the club geared towards?

NH: Any age, gender or skill level.

406Running.com: Does the club have a meeting space it uses?

NH: No

406Running.com: What does the running club offer for the community? 

NH: Tuesday workouts, group runs, races

406Running.com: How many events does the club organize?

NH: Friggid Digger, CDT 14k, An Ri Ra, Vetrans Day

406Running.com: How can people become members?

NH:  Just ask!

406Running.com: If people want more information, how can they contact the club?

NH: Web, Facebook, (www.buttespissandmoanrunners.com)

406Running.com: Who is the club president? 

NH: Nobody!

406Running.com: Is there anything else about the club you would like to share with 406running.com readers?

NH: We have a whiners award but we usually give that award to runners who move to Butte from Missoula or Helena or from other towns.

406Running.com: Does the club hold social events as well?

NH: Pot Lucks

406Running.com: What does the future of running in butte look like?

NH: Great! Runner friendly trails are being developed every year.

406Running.com: What would the club like to look like in the future?

NH: We would love to have more runners move to the Butte area and join our fun loving club!

406Running.com: Any words of wisdom for running in Butte?

NH: Watch out for the wild animals lurking in the woods

406Running.com: If someone from out of town was passing through the area. What is the quintessential Butte Run you would send them on? 

NH: CDT from Homestake to Pipestone. (The course for the CDT 14k)

406Running.com: Good call.  That trail is one of my favorites. Final question: If the Running club was an animal, what kind of animal would it be and why? 

NH: Hyenna- because its a tough running animal often laughing at itself

Great answers and insight into the Butte Running Scene.  Thanks so much for sharing with other 406runners! Nicole Hunt lives with her husband Ray Hunt, their son Eon, and their newborn twins Roam and Ember.   Do not be fooled, Nicole is back to training and will likely be in front of you in most races already!!!! If you want to follow more on what it means to be a Running Mama Nicole has a blog you can find under our blogs tab.

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