406 Running Club Spotlight – Run Bozeman

406running.com is beginning a series of posts directed towards highlighting the various Running Clubs in the state of Montana. Today we will check out the recently established running club in Bozeman called Run Bozeman.  We spent time with Bozeman Running Company owner and club founder Casey Jermyn to learn a little more.

406Running.com: So what is Run Bozeman? 

Casey JermynRun Bozeman is a new running club that we are starting here in Bozeman.

406Running.com: What type of runner in the club geared towards?

CJ: We are targeting all ages and ability levels with our club.  Whether you are looking to train for that next PR or you are just getting started into the sport of running we encourage all to join us for some great fun.

406Running.com: Where do you see the future of this club heading? 

CJ: I am very excited for this new running club and in the future I see this club as the focal point of all things running in Bozeman.  Eventually Run Bozeman will be hosting new races, providing informational talks, along with organized weekly runs.  For veteran and newbie runners alike this will be a great social outlet to make more friends and become a part of the running community in Bozeman.

406Running.com: Where did the idea of a new running club in Bozeman stem from? 

CJ: As some people know I have spent time in Missoula and worked at the Runners Edge.  I was a participant in RWM and the Marathon Training Class that Anders (The Runner’s Edge store owner) put together.  I saw the running community of Missoula grow and really interact among the members.  I would really like to see that type of atmosphere here in Bozeman.

406Running.com:  What will the running club offer for the community?  

CJ: Run Bozeman will offer a 18 week training class that is geared to the Bozeman Marathon, which is held on Sept 9th this year.  Group runs will be held on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings.  We are also working with a number of professionals in the community and will be offering nutritional, physical therapy, chi running, and pilates talks to name a few.

406Running.com:  How is this club different from the Big Sky Wind Drinkers who are a Bozeman Running Club that have been around for quite some time? 

CJ: The Big Sky Wind Drinkers is a great running club and they have some very strong events that they bring to the community.  Run Bozeman will look to add even more great events to compliment what they have already started.  The aspect of offering informational talks and training classes along with the group runs will be the main point of difference.  We are also looking at starting a series of different fun runs…ie once a month doing a beer run from a local brewery.

406Running.com:  As we noted earlier, you are the owner of the Bozeman Running Company. Will the club be able to utilize your downtown space?

CJ: Yes, we will be doing most of the group runs here from the store.  Refreshments will be provided after each group run as well.  I also encourage all runners in the Bozeman area to feel free to use the store if they are heading out on a run.  We have a parking lot in the rear that they are more than welcome to use.  For most of the in town running, the store is a great starting point to access many of the popular trails.

406Running.com:  Sounds great. When is the club officially open for memberships? 

CJ: You can actually already register for Run Bozeman online at RaceMontana.com, or stop by the Bozeman Running Company.  We are launching our first official group run Wednesday March 21st at 6:00 PM.

406Running.com:  If people want more information, how can they contact the club?   

CJ: The club will be run out of Bozeman Running Company, so they can call Tyler, Adam, or myself for more information.

406Running.com:  Are you the club president?  If not who is?

CJ:  As of now we have not formed a board of directors.  Once the club grows a bit we will look to our great members for people interested in being on the board. I guess you could call me the acting president in the meantime.

406Running.com:  Is the club a non-profit? 

CJ: As of now its not a non-profit.  We are currently working on that right now and will hopefully be a 501(c)3


Thanks again to Casey for sharing his time with us and informing us about the Bozeman’s newest running club.  Swing by the Bozeman Running Company or go to www.racemontana.com for more info and to become a member.

Casey Jermyn currently lives in Bozeman and is the owner of the Bozeman Running Company.  A Montana native, he ran for MSU from 2000-2005,  and was the Big Sky Conference Champion in the 10K Outdoor two times, 3K and 5K Indoor, and Cross Country.


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