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How Does Your Mental State Affect Your Running?

Ever wonder if there is real evidence that your mental state has a direct impact on your race performance? A peer-reviewed study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology in January 2009 demonstrates that being mentally fatigued will decrease your endurance performance. Methods Researchers Marcora, Staiano, and Manning recruited 16 healthy and aerobically fit participants […]


10 Ways to Make Kicking Your Own Ass Fun: The Runner’s Edition (Teaser)

Guest blog entry by Missoula runner, Jenni Graff. Let’s face it. Interval training sucks; it’s hard to motivate yourself to do speed work, fartleks are just as hard to do as they are to pronounce, and track workouts haven’t gotten any less miserable since you were in high school rocking short shorts… To read all ten […]

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Winter is (almost) gone!

Days are short. You go to work in the dark. You come home from work in the dark. You decided to take the winter off and recuperate after racing a 5k every weekend in the summer. It is now February, and even though Punxsutawney Phil is predicting 6 more weeks of winter, it is time […]

Photo courtesy of Forrest Boughner.

Dark Days – High Spirits.

  It’s cold, it’s dark, and I feel like sitting on the couch setting a Netflix Breaking Bad marathon personal record. If you are like me, winter can be a challenging time to get outside and exercise. Read below for some strategies to keep you running and exercising until the glacier lilies bloom. To keep accountability […]

!st female runner to run the Boston Marathon.

Cross Country – Gender Equality?

Leaves are changing and the mornings have been brisk which means two things, it’s autumn and XC season! However, one fall conundrum has us thinking – why do collegiate women run shorter distances in XC AND is it fair? Fast forward 6 months. It’s now track season. The women’s 10k goes off then 20 minutes […]